quinta-feira, dezembro 03, 2009

The beginning

It has been 2 or 3 months since I started to consider becoming a flight attendant. At the time I had almost no idea of what would be a good career for me, so learning about the flight attendants routine (or lack of it) suddenly made me realize that this could be a good choice. Actually I was very excited about the idea.
Although I believed I was fit for most of the aspects of this profession, I'm not as young as other candidates might be, so I needed to hurry in order to have more chances to succeed.
I did a research and found that here in Brazil we need to pay for a specialization course prior to the interview with any company, and that this course is 5 months long.
5 months is not that much, but my graduation from the univesity would be this december, and I would only be able to start the course after that (I was afraid I would not pass the last subject, which is portuguese language, because I'm not so good at it). Later, following some friends advices, I choose a school called "Skylab", but on their website it was written that the flight attendant classes would start in november 25th. That is one week before my graduation. I would lose my final exams at the university. But if I didn't join this class, I would have to wait untill may 2010 for a new opportunity... So I decided to wait and see how would be the results of my first portuguese exams at the university. I got a 9 out of 10! And my teacher also said that anyone who could reach 14 points with this exam plus some homework she gave us, wouldn't need to attend to the last exam.
It was all I needed.
I soon started to gather all the paperwork required to apply for the flight attendant course. Had no problems to get all of them, except one: the high school graduation certificate. Since the school where I graduated no longer exists, it became quite a difficult task.
Thinking about it now, I don't know why I spent so much time trying to get it. At the end I called the Skylab (on november 24th) and asked if any document from my university would do, and they said yes.

So, all set. I went to subscribe on november 25th in the afternoon. No problems with that either, but they said that I lost the first class, so I would have to attend to the night class. I would have to go back home to bring some other documents I forgot, but in order to do that not getting late for class I would have to run. And so I did.
Made it on time with all the documents, but forgot the money to pay for the course. "No problem, you can pay it tomorrow" they said, so I could finally relax and enjoy the first class.
It was a 3 hour long explanation of the method: how many hours for subject, the tests, the practical classes and specially the medical exams.
Our teacher of the day told us that without the "certificate of physical capability", granted after the medical exams, we wouldn't be allowed to participate in the practical classes, and without these we wouldn't be able to graduate from the course. Actually, without this "certificate of physical capability" we are not able to get a job as flight attendant, so it is really important.
New problem: we have to be at the medical center on weekdays between 7 and 8:30 a.m. for two consecutive days, but my classes are from 8:30 a.m. I would have to lose 2 days of class in order to get my certificate.
Luckily, our teacher said that the classes would not continue on november 26th (next day), but on december 2nd, one week later, so I would have this week to make the exams.
Problem solved? No!
We need an authorization from our course alongside with stool exam results and vaccines against yellow fever and tetanus. So I spend the last two days of the week running to get everything done by friday afternoon, so I could go to the medical center on monday morning.
Everything went ok so I just had to spend the weekend taking good care of my health and eat nothing on sunday after 7 p.m. for blood tests on the next day.