quinta-feira, dezembro 03, 2009

An explanation

Since I decided I would study to become a flight attendant I've been thinking about using this abandoned blog to write about my progress. Usually I write everything to myself because I forget things very easily, but at the same time I like to talk with my friends about my achievements, with lots of details. So, I thought about doing both at the same time by writing it all in here for everyone to read, and since not all my friends can understand portuguese or japanese but most of them can read english, I decided to try reporting this way.

I don't think I am able enough to transmit my thoughts in this language, so I apologize for any mistakes that might appear, and also would appreciate if anyone can tell me when I write something wrong. After all I will need to improve my english if I am to be on international flights.

So, for everyone who is patient enough to read my 3 pages long reports of, mostly, not so special days, feel free to read it and comment. I promise I will try to write about the more interesting parts of my experiences.